The Canadian Genealogy Centre – Other Topics

Other Topics covers a wide range of alternative records. The first is Criminal Records. They provide a long list of records that are available at Library Archives Canada.

You will find records for:

Lower Canada and Canada East: Civil Secretary Gaol calendars and prison returns;
Quebec, Lower Canada and Canada: Provincial Secretary and Registrar;
Quebec, Lower Canada and Canada East: Civil Secretary Court Records;
Lower Canada and Canada East: Police Records;
Upper Canada and Canada West: Civil and Provincial Secretaries;
Registrar General: Warrants and Pardons;
North West Mounted Police records;
Capital Case Files for people convicted of murder;
Inmate Case Files for federal penitentiaries;
Operational Records of the Penitentiary Branch, 1834-1962;
Kingston Penitentiary, Kingston, Ontario which include: Prisoners’ Record Book 1843-1890; Warden’s Letterbook, 1848-1856; Kingston Penitentiary liberation and punishment books 1834-1974;
Stony Mountain Penitentiary, Stony Mountain, Manitoba which includes Stony Mountain, Inmate Admittance Registers, 1871-1921;
and other penitentiary records.

There is a list of provincial archives and court locations for research in each province and territory. You will also find a description of what is available in Quebec for the very early administration justice records.

To get a complete description of what is available visit the Canadian Genealogy Centre.

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