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#RootsTech – Famicity Press Release


This is a press release I received because I’m a RootsTech Ambassador


San Diego, California – Jan. 21, 2017: Even with today’s digitally connected, social media-centric world, staying in touch with your family can actually be more difficult than ever. Famicity changes this. Famicity is a social network platform that allows you to share cherished family memories–from the distant past to the present–simply and privately, with all your relatives. It’s a living record of your family at your fingertips, and it’s coming to Kickstarter.

A SOCIAL NETWORK FOR YOUR FAMILY Famicity is designed for the collection of family memories. There are no feed clogging ads, political articles, or otherwise superfluous posts like on Facebook and other networks. Famicity is also designed to protect, manage, and continue your family’s legacy, no matter where you are in the world. You can share photos, videos, and precious moments with your entire family with privacy and a peace of mind.

YOUR LEGACY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS With Famicity — write, share, organize and preserve the legacy of your family. It starts with an inviteonly family tree, creating a central location for your family’s history in the form of a timeline. Only family members can see your photos, videos, news, as well as have access to comment on those posts. It’s the perfect tool for those who want to share and enjoy their history with one another, a next-generation family photo album where relatives across the world can gather and share memories. Unlike a regular photo album, which can be so easy to lose and damage, your memories are safe in the cloud and are easy to share with distant family members. The family tree provides each family member with a timeline that helps you capture precious moments of a person’s life from his/her birth to the present. Each and every member of the family can feel included, tell their story and easily pass it down to future generations.

Memories of prior family generations are captured in old photos, notes and letters which are then uploaded to Famicity. This gives families the opportunity to share memorable stories chronologically. Famicity makes it easy for all to be family historians.

Not only is it easy to use, it is also private. The memories you share on Famicity are not shared with the public, and can only be accessed by family members allowed to see them, avoiding many of the problems that can come with posting cherished memories on other sites.


❏ Private. Only the family you invite can participate.

❏ Safe. Famicity won’t get lost or damaged like traditional photo albums.

❏ History. An easy space to store the entirety of your family’s history.

❏ Simple. Anyone in your family can use Famicity, from the very old to the very young.

❏ Easy to use. Everyone can participate and share albums, videos, documents and voice recordings.

❏ Social Network Family Feed. Get all the latest news of your family members on your feed.

KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN Famicity launched a Kickstarter campaign on January 30th, 2017 to raise funds to expand the beta development of the site and bring it to full production. People who donate early will be the one of the site’s first users and can avail of 2 year Premium Memberships starting at approximately $51 (€48)


#RootsTech – Twile Press Release


This is a press release I received because I’m a RootsTech Ambassador


Doncaster: 2nd February 2017 Family history timeline Twile have today released a new infographic feature, designed to help family historians share their research and engage younger generations.

With over 60% of family historians concerned that their findings will be lost or forgotten and 74% doubtful if anyone will continue their family history research*, Twile have come up a quick and interesting way of getting non-genealogists interested in their ancestry.

Twile’s new personalised family infographic is free and available to everyone – whether currently using Twile or not – at Users simply import their FamilySearch tree or upload a GEDCOM and their infographic is automatically created.

Users will be able to see statistics such as the average number of children per family, the most common surnames, the ratio of men to women and the average age of marriage.

The infographic can then be shared easily with other members of the family. Because 80% of family historians use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to communicate with friends and family, Twile have designed the infographic to be shared online, as well as downloaded and printed.

Twile CEO Paul Brooks comments “We’re constantly trying to find ways to help our customers get their wider family interested and engaged in their family history research. Our timeline goes a long way towards helping with that, but the new infographic injects some more fun into it.”

Twile will have a competition running throughout February to win a $200 Amazon gift card. Customers can create their infographic at, share it and tag Twile on Facebook (@TwileTimeline) or Twitter (@TwileTweets) to enter the prize draw.

About Twile

Twile is a UK-based interactive timeline of everything that’s ever happened in your family. The timeline consists of photos and milestones—such as births, marriages, and deaths—that tell the story of your family from your earliest known ancestor right through to today. Family historians can import their family tree from any online genealogy service and then add more recent events from their own life before inviting family members to explore and contribute.

While the Twile website is aimed primarily at family historians, it is also designed to encourage the rest of the family to add their own content, including the younger generations. Twile was the winner of two innovation awards at RootsTech 2016, including People’s Choice.

#RootsTech Press Release – New Genealogy Service


This is a press release I received because I’m a RootsTech Ambassador.


CEDAR HILLS, Utah – August 29, 2016 – A new family history service launched today that will fill a critical gap in the multi-billion dollar genealogy industry. genealogyDOTcoach (SM) is a new online service that matches up professional genealogists (called Genealogy Coaches) with people who want to have all the fun of making family history discoveries for themselves but just need a little assistance from someone they can trust. “With do-it-yourself sites like and it has become so easy for anyone to start climbing their family tree,” says co-founder, Janet Hovorka. “But, sometimes people get a little stuck in the process. The traditional option at that point has been to purchase a 10 or 20 hour research package from a professional genealogist. Many people can’t afford that kind of help. Others are reluctant to do so because they want the joy of making those family history discoveries themselves. genealogyDOTcoach aims to fill that gap.” The service launches with 25 coaches across 47 different categories. Topics include: getting started; genetic genealogy/DNA; tree analysis and writing a research plan; and document translation. Coaches also specialize in research for different regions of the world and different ethnic groups. The initial group of coaches have an average of 25 years of training and experience a piece. They are researchers, authors, and lecturers. The impressive list of coaches includes some of the most well-known genealogists in the industry. On the genealogyDOTcoach website, users can select a topic and see a list of coaches who specialize in that topic. They can review comments and ratings from previous clients, to help them select a coach they would like to work with. Sessions can be scheduled for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Pricing starts as low as $15 for 15 minutes. Shortly before the coaching session, an email link is sent that allows the user to log in to a private video chat room. There they meet face to face, via video chat, to share screens and documents with the genealogy coach, and receive the help they need to keep them moving along in their family history journey. “Clients leave the coaching sessions with a game plan for how to move forward in their family history research,” says Hovorka. “Just like life coaches or athletic coaches, genealogy coaches can give you the boost you need to be better at what you enjoy.”


About genealogyDOTcoach


Complete listing of coaches with their bios found here: