#RootsTech as a Christmas Present

Right now there are a fair amount of contests being promoted for a free 4-day pass to RootsTech. You can find them on the Conference Keepers website.

This is a great way to get to RootsTech and can be a great Christmas present. If you don’t win one of the many contests then maybe you can put it on your Christmas Wish List and leave a few hints around the place?

RootsTech is quite a family history event and really the only one of its kind. This is their 10 year anniversary so big things are expected. The theme this year is “The Story of You.” We often forget about our own story when researching the many different stories of our family. Will future researchers be looking for information on you and will they be able to find anything beyond the basic records?

How about starting to write your own history now? RootsTech has several lectures and labs that can help you begin the process. Many of us may find it a mountain too big to climb but the speakers at RootsTech can help us turn that mountain into a hill which will be much easier to overcome.

Once you have your story written down you will have to find a way to preserve all the stories, photographs and ephemera you have collected on your family. You need to make sure it will be preserved after you are gone. There are sessions that can help you with this as well as vendors in the Expo Hall. Here you can speak to people about their product. See how it works and get some really great deals on prices. Just make sure whatever you choose is right for you. What works for one doesn’t always work for another.

This year they have added Lunch and Learn Sessions. These sessions are an extra cost and you are provided with lunch and a chance to learn something at the same time. These are not the sponsored lunches but a new way to learn at RootsTech. They will also be continuing with the Power Hour that started last year. The Power Hour starts at 8 am and has three speakers giving brief talks on one subject.

The first Keynote has been announced and it is David Kennerly who is a Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographer. Imagine the history he has seen and viewed through his camera lens.

These are all great reasons to be attending RootsTech 2020 in Salt Lake City. At this time the registration fee is $189 US. What a great Christmas present to yourself!

Time for the #RootsTech 2020 Pass Giveaway!

RootsTech 2020 has the theme of The Story of You. This is a part of family history many of us who research our family history forget.

As a RootsTech Ambassador I have one complimentary RootsTech 2020 4-day pass to giveaway. This is a value of $299 US.

This pass includes:

Over 300 classes

Keynote and General Sessions

Expo Hall

Evening Events

It does not include any paid lunches or paid labs.

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post as to why you want to attend RootsTech 2020. Is this your first time? How many times have you been? What is the main reason you want to go to RootsTech 2020?

A winner will be chosen on November 29th and I will post their name on my blog.

Good luck everyone!