What do you give a family historian for Christmas? A #RootsTech Pass!

Family Historians will have a very long list of items on their Christmas list but they would also have to provide directions to get some of them so I have decided to help those who are looking for something special to give their favourite family historian this Christmas.

A RootsTech pass is a great present for anyone interested in family history. Right now the four day pass is $30 US off the regular price and you can get it for $189 US. You can also get a pass for one day if you are in the area of Salt Lake City. This pass costs $99 US.  This year they have a RootsTech Ultimate Experience Pass. This has everything you want from the four day pass plus so much more you would never have thought about.

The Ultimate Experience Pass gives you reserved seating, access to meet-and-greet opportunities as well as meeting conference organizers. On top of all this you get to attend one of the Main Stage Rehearsals, a private Expo Hall tour and one complimentary sponsored lunch.

The RootsTech Ultimate Experience Pass is $799 US. There are only a limited amount of these passes available.

You can compare all the RootsTech passes on their website.

Imagine having access to all those classes and the new techniques and methods they will learn to help them with their research. The Conference is practically next door to the Family History Library so the research opportunites are boundless. The Expo Hall will have all the latest and greatest ideas, programs, technology and companies to help them with their family history

Not to mention the 300+ classes on offer. They will have the opportunity to learn about DNA, Stories, Tools, Organizing, Photos and Discovery. Just check out the classes on offer to see what you will be giving your favourite family historian for Christmas.

Any family historian who gets a RootsTech pass for Christmas will be talking about it for years to come!

The added bonus is that you don’t have to go to the shops to purchase a RootsTech pass as you can do it all online!

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