Time for the Passionate Genealogist’s RootsTech Pass Giveaway!


As a RootsTech Ambassador I am allowed to give away one complimentary RootsTech 2018 4-day pass valued at $279 US to one of my followers. RootsTech runs from 28 February to 3 March 2018.

This does not include hotel, flight, meals or any extras.

What it does include is:

■ over 300 classes

■ Keynote / General sessions

■ RootsTech classes

■ Innovation Showcase

■ Expo hall

■ Evening events

You can find out more about RootsTech on their website just click here.

RootsTech is a fantastic conference and there is lots of activity on-site and online. If you have ever wanted to attend RootsTech now is your chance to win a free pass.

How do you enter? Leave a comment on this post and tell me why you really want to go to RootsTech 2018 then tell me the one thing you must do/see while at RootsTech.

The contest will close on 14 November 2017 so add your comment to this post now!

Good luck everyone!


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17 thoughts on “Time for the Passionate Genealogist’s RootsTech Pass Giveaway!”

  1. I want to go and experience it all. The Tech floor is incredible and takes days to cover it all. The classes are out of this world. So much information to learn about and do.. I love the people I meet. They are just like me and want to learn all they can. It is so well organized and the teachers are great.

  2. I would love to attend RootsTech! I have attended in the past and have loved connecting with vendors, speakers and attendees. I want to learn new tips and tricks to using the tech to search for my ancestors. I feel like if I learn at least one new thing, which is sure to happen at Rootstech then it is worth it! I hope I win!!!! Thank you for offering this contest!

  3. I’m so excited about RootsTech! I had never heard of the conference until I began listening to genealogy podcasts at the end of 2016. Once the conference was over, I listened to people’s experiences and how much they learned, the people and connections they made, and the excitement they had to enhance their own research. So for me, this is what I want for myself – a recharge in my knowledge, research tips, connections, and new friends in the genealogy community.
    What do I have to do at RootsTech? Meet Bernice Bennett, Lisa Louise Cooke, George Morgan, Drew Smith, Scott Fisher, David Allen Lambert, Tom Perry, Angela Walton-Raji, Carol Kostakos Petranek, Kenyatta Berry….and the many researchers I’ve connected with on Twitter, Facebook, and AncestryDNA! In other words, I have a lot of work to do outside of the classes!

  4. RootsTech is always a terrific experience and it varies each year as their themes evolve. I’m excited to see what is to be learned and what directions my research will take after RootsTech 2018.

  5. Thanks for this chance to win a pass to #RootsTech2018 I’ve been before, but not for the last couple of years, and would love to go again. I really enjoy the classes, especially the ones on DNA as that is such a complicated topic. The more help I get on understand it, the better. I love the Expo Hall and Keynotes speeches too! It also super fun to connect with my genealogy online friends IRL!

  6. I went to RootsTech 2017 (my first time) and loved the experience! I really want to go again next year because it’s an amazing opportunity to learn genealogy – from the presenters and their sessions, meeting up with other genealogists between classes, and getting tips and tricks at the mini-presentations in the Expo Hall. The one thing I must do at RT2018 is be sure not to miss the French-Canadian and French sessions!

  7. Alison Christensen

    I would love to attend Roots Tech Conference this year. I help patrons at a family History Center and would love be more knowledge so I provide assistance to the patrons. I love attending the General sessions because they are inspirational and motivating. I will definitely attend classes to learn tips to help those getting started and also classes for specific localities to help patrons know how to research. I will also stroll through the Expo Hall to learn the newest tech to implement. A computer lab would be a great addition for hands on learning.

  8. I want to go to RootsTech because I love the atmosphere there. I love the charge of energy that I get there, and feeling like I’m part of an amazing community. I’m not alone, even though I feel that way sometimes in my family. 🙂 One thing I really look forward to is going to the Relative Race panel that will give a sneak peek of the new season of the TV show!

  9. I have not yet attended a national conference and hope that RootsTech 2018 is my first. I love the idea of a full four days of genealogical immersion and being exposed to topics I might not be able to hear or see locally. I am on the cusp of taking my genealogy to the next level and attending RootsTech would put me well on that path.

    Additionally, I have “met” so many wonderful people from this community via social media. I would love the opportunity to meet many of them in person. I am also excited about the keynote speakers. Brandon from Human’s of New York is someone whose work I greatly admire, and would love to hear him speak.

  10. I have been wanting to go to Rootstech since its inception! The idea of a genealogy conference in the same city as the Family History Library is just awesome. Plus the energy you feel when you’re around other genealogists is inspiring and motivating. The wide variety of classes, the number of vendors and the new technologies being showcased, the keynote speakers – there’s so much genealogy goodness! The one thing I must do there is find all the DNA classes I can. I really want to move forward in genetic genealogy and push my skills to the next level.

  11. I love the lineup of speakers being brought in. That kicks off the day full of learning. I really want to see who wins the awards for newest startup ideas. There have been some wonderful ideas floated on that stage over these last few years. And I love the Expo Hall. So much there to do.

  12. Hello, Ruth! This is the first year I am able to go to RootsTech because the dates fit my schedule for a change! My favorite part of any conference, besides the workshops and presentations, is networking-networking-networking!! Without fail, I make exciting contacts whenever I go to a Genealogy expo or conference, and I hear that RootsTech is one of the best for that! Plus, some of my favorite bloggers and pod-casters will be there, such as Judy Russell and Lisa Louise Cooke. Of course, any excuse to visit beautiful Salt Lake City is a good one (as if we genealogists need an excuse!).
    Ruth, I took a tour of your excellent website and noticed you belong to the Historical Society in Manchester/Lancashire. My grandmother grew up in Manchester, and I’ve done research there and in Glasgow, too. I signed up for your mailing list because we are doing some similar work. Thanks for this contest!

  13. I have never been to RootsTech so it is an open door for me! I had a life changing experience in Belgium 2 years ago with family history by meeting a lady on the corner of the street whose family I continue to research. I am in love with genealogy and have a great passion and love for it now! This family connects into a tree that now has 113,000 names on it. So I thought I would attend the conference this year to see how amazing it is so next year I can bring my Belgian genealogy friend (that I met in my research) to the 2019 conference! I can’t wait to explore one class in particular about parishes in England since my mom has researched a deadend in my family for over 55 years. Maybe this class could help give us more clues to study. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  14. I have never been to RootsTech, but have heard about from many as I attend other conferences. I am retired and my “schedule” allows me to attend events all year long, not just during the summer!

    I see RootsTech as the big leagues with many more lectures and a massive array of vendors and other professionals. I would like to experience this level of interest as I look to create a business myself and expand my personal research into Europe.

  15. Hi! I am a volunteer Assistant Director at my church’s Midvale Family History Center and I serve directly over the youth. I have been into family history for a couple of years now but have never been able to attend because I am a young mom with two kids and spending that much money (plus finding a babysitter) has not just been something I have been able to do just yet. If I were able to go I would want to attend many classes, specifically in Irish Genealogy because I was contacted by a cousin match this year who lives in Ireland and we have no idea where we actually match up. Either the DNA match is wrong or all my current research is! lol, So I would love to figure that out as well as learn all that I can to further my knowledge in helping the youth that I serve to grow interested in their family history!

  16. There is so much I want to learn. My sister has been really involved with Rootstech every year and I’ve always wanted to go. I am really wanting to record our family stories and the podcasting class has me quite excited. This conference would be a wonderful opportunity to learn and further my genealogy research.

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