Preparing for a Research Trip – Research at the Family History Library in February and Beyond

My RootsTech trip in February came up rather quickly so I didn’t have time to get a full research plan done. Thankfully, every time I find something that I want to check I put it into my To Do List in RootsMagic. So when this trip came about I printed everything off that was under the repository name Family History Library.


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This helped me gather my research plan together quickly and I was able to find a few other items to check while there. At the end of my visit I usually end up checking out sources that weren’t on my list. This inevitably leads to a new find just before I leave but with no time to go further in the search. So when I get home it gets added to my To Do List in RootsMagic for the next trip.

I am preparing to go to Belfast and Dublin this Fall and have already started working on my research plan. Over the next few months I am going to create a series of blog posts and share with you how I am preparing for this trip. There are a few items that I really want to find out more about. One was found at the Family History Library in February. It was a Finding Aid for a manuscript held in Trinity College Library in Dublin.

My inquiries have shown that there are a few restrictions to use the Trinity Library to do research and I thought this was the perfect time to hire a professional. I have sent out my query and will see what the costs and timeline may be.

Why a hire a professional to do this instead of doing it on my own? Well they have the reading cards for the library and would go there on a regular basis. They know the library and how to locate documents. They will get this research item completed far faster than I would in the short time I have during my visit. The professional will hopefully find the document I am looking for and then I can see what information it has and may add a new item to my research plan before I go.

I am also in the process of contacting the repositories I want to visit to make sure they have the documents I’m interested in and to learn what would be the best way to access them. It may be best to order them in advance so that they are waiting for me when I arrive. Or that might not be an option. These are things I am going to find out before I go.

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