The Veterans Website for Victoria Australia

The state of Victoria in Australia has a website devoted to their war veterans called Victorian Veterans Virtual Museum.

The Victorian War Heritage Inventory is a database that “contains information and images of sites relating to Victoria’s war history.” They currently have over 2,000 records and it is an ongoing project.

Digital Stories – In Our Words is an ongoing project to collect stories of war veterans and civilians relating to wars in Korea, WW2 Europe, POW stories, Vietnam stories, Mediterranean and Middle East stories and Pacific and New Guinea. They present a small video presentation of the interview.

They are preparing to remember the centenary of the ANZAC in the First World War and have a page dedicated to the organization of events.

Victorian War Memorials looks at the different memorials to be found in Victoria and the States efforts to restore the memorials.

There is a section for teachers and students called Preserving Veterans Heritage.

The last section is called Victorian Unit Histories which is digitizing the histories of the 30 units that were raised in Victoria during the First World War. The searchable database is on the State Library of Victoria website.

If you have people from Victoria Australia who were involved in the military then this is a place to start your search for information.

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