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Recently I came across a Flickr group for Churches of Ireland. People have taken photographs of all sorts of churches in Ireland. You can search by county and some place names. You never know what you might find so go in and have a look.

Similarly another website is Stain Glass in the Church of Ireland. These are photographs of stain glass windows found in some Church of Ireland churches. They provide the date of the window, who designed the window and the studio that made it, who commissioned it and other information.

The search can be done by building or window. You can even search by the subject type of the window. Buildings are broken down into the choices of buildings, location, diocese, county, architect, country and parish group. Country is either Northern Ireland or the Republic.

The window search is broken down into building, iconography, artist, studio, date, location, diocese, county, architect, country and parish group.

You can leave the search criteria broad and have a large number of windows to look through or you can narrow the search. When the search is complete you have the option to display the windows or remove the criteria and start again. If you chose display you get a list at the bottom of the screen. If you click on the highlighted numbers under the window section you will see the display of the windows. If you click on the highlighted Principle Name you will get a picture of the church and the windows. You can click on the smaller images to make them bigger.

If you click on Diocese you will get a long list of the churches in the diocese. There will be pictures of the church along the bottom of the screen and if you click on the image you will get more detailed information and pictures of the windows for that church.

When people think of churches in Ireland the first thing that comes to mind is Catholic and Church of Ireland. Then you might think about Quakers, Presbyterian and Methodist. There are other religious denominations represented in Ireland. You can find Jewish, Baptist, The Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints, The Salvation Army and Moravian just to name a few.

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