Robbie Burns Day

Today celebrations are going on throughout Scotland and the around world in honour of the 252nd birthday of Robbie Burns.

Robbie Burns is known as “Scotland’s favourite son” and “The Bard.” He is Scotland’s favourite poet and wrote in the Scots language. It is on this day that we have a wee dram, a piece of haggis and remember Robbie Burns.

I remember going to the local British shop and buying a haggis for my Grandmother. She loved it and they had small ones in a freezer. You can now buy haggis in a can and with different flavours such as curry. There is no problem if you do not eat meat because there is a vegetarian version. I wonder what Robbie Burns would think of that turn of events.

Haggis was peasant food in Scotland. The wealthy got the best parts of the beast and the rest went to those who could not afford anything more. They got creative by making a filling and nutritious meal to feed their families.

Haggis contains oatmeal, mutton suet, lamb or venison liver, sheep heart, liver and kidney, an onion and some spices. These are all minced and put together in a sausage casing then boiled 4-5 hours.

Traditionally Haggis is served with tatties and neeps (potatoes and turnips) and a shot of whiskey.

Happy Burns Day everyone!

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